Opportunistic & Principled

Driven by opportunity. We bring an opportunistic approach to value-driven alternative investments in our targeted $5 million to $30 million range where we have a competitive advantage. Our experience and capacity gives us the ability and flexibility to invest in smaller or larger deals outside our targeted deal size that meet our risk-return requirements.

Guided by Principles. We consistently apply disciplined, value-driven investment principles.

1 Exploit inefficiencies Identify, understand and exploit market inefficiencies or dislocations to create investments at an attractive value proposition.
2 Align interests Maintain an alignment of interests across our investors, strategic partners and operating partners.
3 Protect capital Preserve investor capital through downside protection and risk management.
4 Pursue upside Capture upside optionality through positive developments or improving fundamentals.
5 Exit advantageously Identify and execute on exit catalysts to realize underlying value and monetize investments on time.