Flexible & Disciplined Approach

We utilize our flexibility to create value while maintaining discipline to manage risk throughout each phase of the investment process.

We apply an open, straightforward approach to our relationships with operating partners and negotiations with counterparties. Our relationships help us leverage our network to see proprietary, off-market deal flow and gain a competitive advantage to better identify market inefficiencies and dislocations.

Underwriting. Guided by our value-driven principles, we capitalize on the informational advantages from our network to quickly underwrite deals. Throughout our efficient process, we maintain an intensive, research-driven approach to underwriting that includes both bottom-up fundamental analysis as well as top-down considerations.

Execution. Through a combination of committed investor capital and established strategic partnerships, we mitigate the closing risk for both our operating partners and counterparties. We simultaneously create value for our investors, strategic partners, operating partners and counterparties through creative problem solving.

Asset Management. We provide both daily, hands-on monitoring of small investments larger investment management funds cannot perform efficiently and transparent, institutional-quality reporting smaller investors lack the capacity or experience to provide. Investors and strategic partners benefit from our continual evaluation of the business plan and agility to quickly react to changing conditions.

Exit. Throughout the investment process, we identify and continually evaluate potential exit strategies and catalysts to monetize our investments. We take a results-driven approach to negotiating with potential counterparties to ensure execution of our exit strategy and monetization of the investment.